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BY JAN 2ND, 2021

The theme of the conference will be Planetary Health for All: Bridging Communities to Achieve the Great Transition. Why? Because we understand that all voices need to be heard in order to ensure the planet, its natural systems, and all life thrives for generations to come. We are all part of the solution and therefore we need contributions from all parts of the globe to inspire our endeavor of Bridging Communities to Achieve the Great Transition. 


The Great Transition is a fundamental shift in how people and human systems – political, economic, and social – interact to shape the highest attainable standards for the health of humanity and the state of Earth’s natural systems. It will require a transition to a new set of values that incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion of all people as well as respect, appreciation and recognition that the health of people are dependent on Nature. 

We invite all interested parties to submit proposals for side events that they will organize and produce for Planetary Health Week.  The events can cover any topic related to Planetary Health. Look at the PHAM2021 program for inspiration and to consider the theme of each day when selecting the day for your event.



Proposals may include, but are not limited to, workshops, panels, symposia, hands-on activities, training, coffee or lunch meetings, among others.  Your application will be submitted using Google Forms and must include:


  1.  Lead organizer of the event, plus institution affiliation, if applicable

  2.  List of participants (speakers, panelists, symposium): names and affiliations, if applicable

  3.  Is your organization a member of the Planetary Health Alliance?

  4.  Target audience(s)

  5.  Type of activity (workshop, panel, meeting, symposium, training, hands-on. …)

  6.  Will the event be live or recorded?

  7.  If it will be a pre-recorded event, please specify the video format that will be used.

  8.  If your event will be live, 

    1. please specify the platform(s) to be used by the event attendees (Zoom, YouTube, etc)

    2. maximum capacity of the event, if applicable

    3. registration process, if applicable

  9.  Duration of the event

  10.  The top three preferred times for the presentation during the Planetary Health Week (day, time and time zone)

  11.  A brief explanation of how the side event intersects with the Conference´s topics or with Planetary Health;

  12.  Goals of participating in the Planetary Health Week

  13.  300-word maximum description of the event

  14.  Confirm that the organizer(s) are solely responsible for intellectual property and other rights involved in the production and publication of their  event. 


Lead organizers of accepted proposals will be required to plan, organize, and produce their events by April 7, 2021.  Final submission information will be included in the full program of events to be advertised on the Planetary Health Week website, plus a link for the event platform for live events, and the recorded presentation for recorded events. Additional details will be provided with the acceptance notification.

The submission deadline is 24:00 EST, 30 January 2021.

Notification of acceptance will be given by late-February 2020.