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Planetary health is the health and well-being of people and the planet's natural systems. This emerging field of applied research, policy, and practice presents an intentional and catalytic effort to take on one of the greatest challenges the world has faced. It seeks to characterize the impact of human-caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems on our health and well-being, taking a solutions-oriented approach, bridging different disciplines and sectors, and learning from past successes and failures.


From October 31 - November 2, 2022, The Planetary Health Alliance will convene (in-person and virtually) with students, scientists, policymakers, civil-society, artists, private-sector representatives, and others to address these complex relationships, seek solutions, and build skills for action and change. The 2022 Planetary Health Annual Meeting will be held in person in Boston, Massachusetts and hosted online from October 31 - November 2, 2022. Virtual attendance options will be available.

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Selected Research and Poster Abstracts

Lightning Talks

Te Maramataka – an Indigenous system for engaging with the environment and living a healthy lifestyle

Does living near blue space modify the impact of socio-economic deprivation on mental health in urban areas? A population-based retrospective study 

The lost opportunity from insufficient pollinators for global food supplies and human health

Young people’s mental health in a changing climate.

Residential green space and waist circumference impact telomere attrition in childhood. 

Spatiotemporal variation and environmental sensitivity of childhood enteric pathogen infection risk: a Planetary Health approach to predictive modeling and risk mapping

HEAL: Australian Research Network in Human Health and Environmental Change



A Critical Ecosystems and Intersectional Approach to Understanding Farmer Mental Health: A Mixed-Methods Study


Biodiversity and public policies purchases in Brazil – the case of School Feeding Program


Exploring the needs, barriers and priorities to protect the mental health and improve the wellbeing of Peruvian women facing climate change impacts: a qualitative study


Integration of medical service provision and nature conservation worldwide 1980-2022: collaborative evidence mapping of 43 projects across 22 countries

Research Posters

The role of veterinarians in the One Health approach to antimicrobial resistance perspectives in Jordan

Trails for Improved Practices; Combining nutrition education and rural livelihood support in Kenya

Effects of food and water insecurity on depression scores among women living in urban informal settlements in Makassar, Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal cohort study

Diet for a healthy body and healthy planet

Food in the Great Transition: Distributive Justice and Mutual Aid

Assessment of the adverse effect of crop residue burning on respiratory health: A case study of Patiala, India


Knowledge, attitudes and Practices of Medical Students on Covid 19 in Burundi

Circular economy in the sugarcane agroindustry: bagasse-fly-ash-based zeolite

The influence of different vegetation types and paved surfaces on early childhood development: a population-based birth cohort study


Heat Shock Alters the Proteomic Profile of Equine Mesenchymal Stem Cells 

A Review of PFAS Contamination of the Great Lakes Basin in the Ojibwe Nation

Planetary Health challenges a hub for transdisciplinary collaborations


Climate stress and its impact on livestock health, farming livelihoods and antibiotic use in Karnataka, India


Female management in agriculture and its association with social, environmental, nutritional, and economic indicators of the Brazilian food system


Planetary Health Education in Medical Curricula in the Republic of Ireland 


Saving Snow: Climate Change Attitudes and Behaviors Among the Nordic Ski Community


A systematic review of the effects of microplastics inhalation on human health


Participation in community supported agriculture operations has positive effects on social, economic, environmental and nutritional sustainability aspects in Brazil 


Developing a Planetary Health Diet Score


Spatiotemporal distribution and diversity of airborne resistant bacteria: an exploratory observational study in the urban and rural environments of Bangladesh 


Identifying and Quantifying the Burden of Single-Use Sterile Surgical Supplies in the Operating Room


Rapid Qualitative Multi-Method Assessment of the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Wet Market Biosecurity and Local Food Security in the Philippines


A possible mechanism underlying the region-based variation in the impact of COVID-19: a past epidemic of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Appropriateness of Drinking Water Purification Technologies for Vulnerable Populations


Urban health education in youth: a case study in an Italian high school


Behavioral Adaptation to Physical Activity and Healthy Dietary Choice: A proposed research agenda for Planetary Health


Spatial-temporal associations between forest cover change and pediatric health indicators in selected sub-Saharan African countries


Climate-poverty connections: Climate solutions can generate benefits for people and the planet


Differences of home garden use and food consumption between main and outlying islands in Tuvalu


Health in the Wellbeing Economy


Urban health, decarbonisation, and local climate action planning: a comparative case study on three Brazilian cities using computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software.


Local government stakeholders’ perceptions regarding food environment policy actions to simultaneously influence climate change and healthy eating


Qualitative analysis of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in Planetary and One Health initiatives across academic institutions in California


Pathways between fishery access and early childhood development: a longitudinal cohort study


Intergenerational Perceptions about “Globalization” among Tribes of the Biodiversity Hotspot of the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, India


Dietary patterns in North and South India: a comparison with EAT-Lancet guidelines


Planetary Health Action Study Erfurt (PACE) – Accelerating climate protection by behavioural insights


Long-term housing and health trajectories post natural disaster events


The direct and indirect influences of area-level sociodemographic factors on heat-related mortality in Europe: insights to guide adaptation strategies


Digital Infection Blockers. A Planetary Health Solution to Prevent the Next Pandemic


Humanizing Marine Spatial Planning: A Salutogenic Approach


The effect of landscape fires on child hospital visits and admissions: a time-series study in southern Mozambique


Exposure to nature during COVID-19 pandemic and associated impact on mental health: A systematic review with meta-analysis


Trans-local and trans-glocal: Community responses to planetary health during COVID-19


Climate change and Rift Valley Fever Disease Outbreak: Implications on pastoralists food environment

Ultra-processed foods intake and lower adherence to EAT-Lancet sustainable diet in the Brazilian population


Floods, Conflict and Displacement: The triad of planetary health boundaries in South Sudan


The gaps to EAT-Lancet sustainable diet in Brazil: a study with nationally representative data.


A Planetary Health Policy Tool for project design and decision-making


Mapping potential population-level pesticide exposures using a modular and scalable geospatial strategy 


Complimentary and Integrative Health: A Systems Thinking Response to COVID-19


Interdisciplinary approaches to adolescent nutrition and environmental literacy and behaviours: Development of a nutrition education program and evaluation framework


The air quality and health implications of transitioning 30% of the U.S. Midwest heavy-duty transport fleet from diesel to electric power


Institutionalisation of integrated population, health and environmental conservation approaches into local policies and programs in East Africa


The mental health impacts of human-ecosystem-animal relationships: A systematic scoping review of Eco-, Planetary, and One Health approaches.


Communication as a key element for disseminating PH in Brazil: the PHAM2021 experience


Monitoring pollinators in Brazil: the challenge of adapting the FIT Count citizen science protocol to the Brazilian context


Cooking up changes: the act of cooking as a tool to promote planetary health 


Improving Food System Framework in Nigeria


Critical and locally constructed perspectives in planetary health: Lessons from the Brazilian School Feeding Program's cassava acquisition


Association between neighbourhood residential density and incident dementia using UK Biobank data


Learning about planetary health issues from a qualitative study on physical activity and health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Older adults’ risk perceptions and cognitive biases impact their adaptive behaviors to prevent heat-related illnesses


Influences of social and environmental factors on dengue fever epidemiology in the city of São Paulo - Brazil


Air quality benefits and tradeoffs from vehicle electrification in the U.S. Midwest


School greenness and student-level academic performance: evidence from a capital city in the Global South


Impact of unseasonable flooding on women�s food security and mental health in rural Sylhet, Bangladesh 


A proposed framework to guide the use of nutrient indices in environmental life cycle assessments


Environmental impacts, micronutrient adequacies, protein qualities, and fatty acid profiles of plant-based beverages compared to cow’s milk: a sustainability assessment


Individual and contextual characteristics and walking for transportation among older Brazilians living in an urban center: a population-based study


Effects of residential economic segregation on physical activity among urban dwellers


Environmentally informed pharmaceutical prescribing in Scotland: analysis of the current policy landscape to investigate the implementability of eco-directed pharmaceutical prescribing in the Scottish healthcare system


Perceptions about New York City Community Gardens in Relation to Food Security and Other (Potential) Benefits


Planetary health in context of inequalities: meat consumption case-study in Brazil


Investigating the contextual factors and mechanisms associated with implementing bluespace prescription programmes in health and social care settings: a systematic review using realist synthesis


Behaviour change interventions employed in pharmaceutical prescribing programmes that have the potential to reduce the environmental impacts of medicines: case studies from China, The Netherlands, and Sweden


The Interconnectivity between Lifestyle, Nutrition and Climate Change: a narrative review through Planetary Health lens 


Heat stress and incidence of acute kidney injury among agricultural workers in Spain


Current action and utilization of novel technology for sustainable food production in Japan


Effects of meaning in a planetary health discourse: a qualitative study


Access to urban green spaces and social inequalities: A London case study using national social deprivation statistics


Revitalising local eco-agri-food systems in the wake of climate change: A Scoping Review.


Development and usage of a sustainability index to assess university restaurant menus.


Inequitable Rise in Cancer Prevalence due to Zinc Deficiencies from Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions




The Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Plastic on Children’s Health


Population vulnerability of atmospheric parameters on acute cardiovascular diseases


Impacts of urban growth in hydrological ecosystem services: the case of São Carlos (Brazil, SP)


Indoor air quality during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic period in Brazil 

Project Posters

Partnerships for Youth and Plantary Health Education

Engineering and Planetary Health: A new paradigm of education 

Assessing the One Health Information Assessment Tool (OHIAT)

Advancing Environmental Justice Through the Integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Environmental Policy


Piloting a Core Experiential Undergraduate Course to Foster Community Service for Planetary Health at Sunway University, Malaysia

A Heat Vulnerability Index for Salt Lake City, Utah

The Month-long online Advocacy for Planetary Health, knowledge level of Nigerian Students and Proposed Online Course on the concepts and Practice of Planetary Health

The Nursing Planetary Health Report Card: An International Student-led Initiative to Evaluate Nursing Programs’ Contribution to Planetary Health

Planetary Health: Global Environmental Change and Emerging Infectious Disease: assessing a new online asynchronous course at Brown University

Creating Just and Equitable Food Systems in Tanzania 

Safeguarding pollinators and pollination services through citizen science

Girawa - Planetary Health education project for Sri Lanka, Brazil and beyond 

Experience Report - Planetary Health Education in Botucatu Faculty of Medicine/UNESP, Brazil

Natural environment and its impact on maternal and child health: what are we facing? A call to reflection and awareness


The Dutch Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials approach to Planetary Health


The importance of education in Urban Health: the pilot experience of 15 Italian Public Health residents in a school-based project

Because health working group on Planetary Health: An interdisciplinary platform bridging diverse global voices


Transforming Curriculum using the Planetary Health Education Framework: A Case Study from Nursing


Collaborating to Overcome the Barriers to Implementing Planetary Health Education for Medical Students –The International


Medical Education Collaboration on Climate and Sustainability (IMECCS)


Riverside's Planetary Health: discussing and building planetary health in a riverside school in the south of Amazonas (Brazil)


Planet.Health: an exploratory incubator for blockchain and planetary health


Climate Lit: Toward Universal Climate Literacy with Children’s Books and Media


Tookit for Patient Educational Materials about Wildfires and Health


Creating a Novel Climate Change and Health Curriculum for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 


Food security and urban gardens, the case of São Paulo/Brazil


An approach to implementing planetary health in medical curricula to ensure competent medical practice in the climate crisis


Multisectoral programme to strengthen NCD prevention and health promotion with increased connections to nature in the City of Lahti, Finland 


Challenges and Opportunities of Multi-Solving Approaches: Integrating Biodiversity and Health Objectives in Primary Pandemic Prevention 


Multidisciplinary, cross-sector, and transborder approach in planetary health education at a graduate school.


"Connect, learn, transform": Embedding Planetary Health into medical education across Wales


Integrating human nutrition and health into agroforestry projects in sub-Saharan Africa: a feasibility study


Future Forest reimagined, building resilience for ecological recovery and community wellbeing, Northern Appalachian-Acadian (NAPA) ecoregion of Canada and the United States


Promoting Citizen Science in the Global South: challenges and opportunities for the Brazilian Citizen Science Network


Build climate resilience through gender empowerment


Teaching Planetary Health: our students are the future of our planet


Planetary health education for future healthcare leaders: A practice-based approach


UFCG Planetary Health Working Group - Experience Report


Expanding access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and building community resilience to climate change through multisectoral programs: Case study of an integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) program in Tanzania. 


Engaging student community on Planetary Health: A case study of Egerton University, Kenya


Brazilian Campus Ambassador Program as an Educational Strategy on Planetary Health


Global Health International Congress: A project to change your understanding of health


Global Health Perspectives: A Collaborative Ukraine/Canada Project


Mobilising medical students for climate action: The Planetary Health Report Card example at a UK medical school


Planetary Health in Engineering: building a community


Educom. Planetary Health – a project to mobilize the Planetary Health Brazilian Clubs and the Lins city population for integrated actions in promotion of Planetary Health.



Africa Community of Planetary Partners for Health and Environment (ACOPPHE): A grassroots initiative to celebrate diversity, bridge divides, and build equitable community partnerships which are grounded in shared values such as love, justice, and unity.


Interrelations between impacts of Climate Change on inhabitants of Small Island Developing (SID) nations


Planetary Health in Global Policy Discourse and Implementation


The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on planetary health


Supporting family doctors to green clinical teaching and care, and clinic operations – A scoping review of toolkits and strategies to support change.


Introducing undergraduate medical students to planetary health – evaluation of a novel flipped-classroom method introduced in Family Medicine clerkship


Learning together: Growing a Planetary Health Education Community in Eastern Africa


Adapting to a changing environment: Inspirations from Eastern Africa


Responding to the need of postgraduate education for Planetary Health: Development of an online Master’s Degree. 


Integrating Environmental and climate action for Human wellbeing and Health through an interfaith approach


Applied Education for Planetary Health Concepts: One Health Field School in Rwanda 


Operationalizing Wildlife Health Surveillance for One Health


Solutions Oriented Education: Planetary Health Intervention Proposal


Porto Ar Alegre: Citizen Science for Healthier Air




One minute for the planet in the clinical consultation


Are you listening to the world? Podcast as tool to debate a Planetary Health Agenda


Planet&AR Project: An interface between Medical Education and Planetary Health on Ilha de Maré, Bahia, Brazil


A Global South-centered initiative exploring self-study and arts-based methodologies within the Planetary Health movement:


Honouring art, Indigenous knowledge Systems and loving relationships in an equitable and diverse approach.


Brazilian-Portuguese translation of the Planetary Health Education Framework


What is your part in the thread of the AnthropoScene?


Implementing a planetary health approach engaging different disciplines of the High School in Brazil