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Abstracts are encouraged to be submitted from any discipline relevant to planetary health. We welcome submissions by researchers, clinicians, practitioners, educators, students, artists, and others describing a study that has recently been conducted, or a project / initiative currently in process. Please visit our website to peruse relevant themes.


Authors of accepted abstracts will be required to submit in advance a poster file (PDF) and a short video (MP4 file, up to 5 minutes long) that will be made available on the conference website. During the conference, we will host a poster session in which attendees will be able to interact virtually with poster authors via our virtual conference platform. 


Five research abstracts for each of these themes — Mental Health, Food and Nutrition, Non-communicable Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Displacement and Conflict — will also be selected to present a live lightning talk, followed by a brief Question & Answer session. A selected group of accepted research abstracts will also be published by The Lancet Planetary Health in a Special Issue of top abstracts from the Planetary Health Annual Meeting. 



Guidelines for all abstracts.  Abstracts should be in English, 300 words maximum, and contain no references, tables or figures.  


Guidelines for Research Study abstracts.  Research abstracts should present detailed information on study design, methods, and results, even if preliminary. Attention should be given to describing the impact of a change in the structure or function of a natural system(s) on a dimension (or dimensions) of human health.  


Please supply a title which includes a study descriptor if appropriate (e.g., randomized), and lay out your abstract under the following headings:


  • Background (including context and aim)

  • Methods

  • Findings

  • Interpretation


Reports of randomized trials should follow the CONSORT extension for abstracts.


Guidelines for Education, Community, Art, or Policy Project abstracts.  Submissions should briefly describe the project/initiative concept and details, its target audience, the goals you hope to achieve and results obtained.  Education, Community (outreach, engagement, or organization), Art, or Policy Project-related abstracts will only be eligible for poster session presentations.


Abstracts for projects that are entirely conceptual (i.e. have not yet begun and have no designated start date) or those advertising commercial products will not be accepted.

The submission deadline is 24:00 EST, 6 January 2021. Notification of acceptance will be given by 12 February 2021. Please submit abstracts here.

More details on research abstract guidelines may be found here.

Download the PDF of these guidelines here.

The submission deadline is 24:00 EST, 06 January 2021.

Notification of acceptance will be given by mid-February 2020.


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