2021 Planetary Health Annual Meeting and


it's time to celebrate human connections. 

enjoy. the festival



The theme of the conference will be Planetary Health for All: Bridging Communities to Achieve the Great Transition. Why? Because we understand that all voices need to be heard in order to ensure the planet, its natural systems, and all life thrives for generations to come. We are all part of the solution and therefore we need contributions from all parts of the globe to inspire our endeavor of Bridging Communities to Achieve the Great Transition.


The information below is a high level summary of all of the conference's festival events. Full details and descriptions can be found on the schedule within the conference's online platform, which is accessible once attendees have registered. Register here to access this information, begin signing up for events, and more! If you have already registered, access the platform.

Time TBA: FE01 - A(terrar): the urgency of expressing a world that is quick changing.

Time TBA: FE02 - The Great Transition Within.

Time TBA: FE03 - A Planetary Health Model in South East Madagascar: community led solutions to protect the Manombo Special Reserve.

Time TBA: FE04 - Solace in Nature.

Time TBA: FE05 - Sound art online installation (first emergence).

Time TBA: FE06 - In the Movements of the Earth.

Time TBA: FE07 - Cooking together to celebrate Planetary Diversity.

Time TBA: FE08 - Sound art collaborative online installation.

Time TBA: FE09 - Communicating the impacts of climate change through arts and dance.

Time TBA: FE10 - Terraqueous Meditations: a musical journey in Tietê River.

Time TBA: FE11 - We Regenerate Rainforests.