2021 Planetary Health Annual Meeting and


it's time to celebrate human connections. 

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BY JAN 30th, 2021 AT




BY JAN 2ND, 2021


To celebrate human connections to each other and the planet we are hosting a Planetary Health Festival along with the Annual Meeting. We invite artists, chefs, researchers, organizations, and creators of all types to submit proposals of cultural/art performances or events that they can organize and produce for the Festival. 


Projects should help the audience imagine the Great Transition and a world where all people thrive by protecting and regenerating Earth’s natural systems for generations to come. Please visit the PHA website for more information about planetary health and relevant topics of exploration.



Proposals should be submitted in English, 300 words maximum, and contain no references, tables or figures.  Submissions can be made using this form and should briefly describe the project/initiative concept and details, its target audience, and the goals you hope to achieve by participating in the Festival.  Specifically, the submission form will ask for the following information:


  • Lead organizer of the event, plus institution affiliation, if applicable

  • Co-presenters and affiliations, if applicable

  • Title of the event

  • Target audience(s)

  • Category of activity (e.g., music, artwork, play)

  • The top three preferred times for the presentation during the festival (day, time and time zone)

  • Will the presentation be live or recorded?

  • Platform or video format:

    • If this will be a pre-recorded event, please specify the video format that will be used.

    • If your event will be a live presentation, please specify the platform that can be shared with the Festival attendees (Zoom, YouTube, etc)

  • Duration of the event (within 5, 10, 30 minutes, or other)

  • Goals of participating in the Festival

  • Confirm that the organizers are solely responsible for the intellectual property and other rights involved in the production and publication of their event. 

  • 300-word maximum description of the event


Authors of accepted proposals will be required to plan, organize, produce, record and deliver the event by April 7, 2021.  On that date we should receive the recorded presentation or the link of the live event to be advertised on the Festival website. Additional details will be provided with the acceptance notification.

The submission deadline is 24:00 EST, 30 January 2021.

Notification of acceptance will be given by late February 2020.